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BGMI Rules

The minimum requirement is 100 teams for each game, i.e., 100 teams for BGMI and 100 teams for Free Fire, to qualify for the grand prize pool of 70,000.

E - Sport Gaming

Tournament Prize Distribution

24 Teams

If Entries Registered.

48 Teams

If Entries Registered.

96 Teams

If Entries Registered.

15 Points
2nd Position12 Points
3rd Position10 Points
4th Position08 Points
5th Position06 Points
6th Position05 Points
7th Position04 Points
8th Position03 Points
9th Position02 Points
Per Kill01 Points
General understanding of the Rulebook

By participating in this tournament, you agree to these general rules and the competition-specific rules applicable to this tournament. if you do not accept these general rules and the applicable competition-specific rules and abide by them during your participation in the tournaments, you will not be eligible to participate in an official competition and will forfeit any prizing, qualification secured for other competitions, or points scored or status earned, including towards future competitions or qualification.The administration team are the decision makers for all cases and disputes which may occur and are not written in this rulebook. even if not directly specified, missing matches and breaking any rule may result in up to 5 percent prize money reduction per Occurrence.

In order to be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must have reached 15 years of age or older (i.eThe player has lived for at least 15 calendar years) as of the Registration end date), All players on a Team’s roster must have an account of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA of a level 25 and above.

Prize Money

All prize money will be paid up to 90 days, after the CG BUGS Esport Tournament has completed to the Team owner or entity.

If a Team or Player is missing the proper payment information and makes no effort to fix this, the prize money will not be paid out until this is rectified.

Tournament Structure

CG BUGS Esport Competition is divided into Two Phases, Online Qualifier and offline Lan Event.

Semi Finals

In the semi finals stage top 24 will participate, These 24 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 12 teams each, round robin round for 2 days for where top 12 teams will be promoted to finals.


Top 12 qualified teams will play final stage for 5 Maps and top 2 teams will be promoted for Winner.

Match parameter

– Mode: Third Person Perspective (TPP)

– Playzone Shrink Speed – x1.1

–  Flare Guns – disabled

– Safe zone 1 display time – 80s for Miramar & Erangel, 60s for Sanhok

– ALL Weapons – x1

– Scopes and Magazines – x1

– Aim Assist And Sound Visualization Off

* – changing between TPP and FPP in the game is allowed

Match informations

Before every match the lobby ID-s and passwords will be posted on the tournament’s whatsapp group. Players need to enter these to enter the custom match lobbies. Each team needs to be in specific slots that will be announced by the admin team. Please keep in mind that being in the wrong slot when the match starts may cause your points to be lost for that match.

Tiebreakers Ties between two Teams during Official Competitions will be determined in the order of (a) total times of winning the first placement across all the Tournament games; (b) total accumulated 21 placement points across all Tournament Games in the applicable Tournament; (c) total accumulated finishes across all Tournament Games in the applicable Tournament; and (d) placement in the most recent match of the Tournament.

Remake or Replay of Tournament Games

Tournament Officials should be notified of any technical malfunction or other emergency immediately. Tournament Games shall be remade only pursuant to the request of the Tournament Organiser. The Tournament Organiser may remake a Tournament Game under the following circumstances:

(A) Technical malfunctions or player disconnects (excluding malfunctions and disconnects as a result of a player’s mistake or fault) within 3 minutes after the Tournament Official has started the match.The match start time will be announced by the Tournament Official on the Tournament whatsapp group.

(B) A problem occurs during the loading screen and the game cannot be loaded

(C) A player is unable to move on the battlefield within 3 minutes after the Tournament Official has started the match. The match start time will be announced by the Tournament Official on the Tournament whatsapp group.

(D) A player is unable to enter the Tournament Game before the departure of the starting plane

(E) Some players are able to join a Tournament Game but start on the battlefield, without flying on the starting plane and without parachuting.

Solutions for Extreme Cases

– Unregistered Players can lead to team disqualification.

– Solos will be kicked but if any team is found playing solo & duo their match won’t be considered.

– At Least 2 players of every team must record their POV with in game voice chat when asked if any team fails to provide the pov then that team will be disqualified.

– At Least 2 players of the same are bonded to record the POV (RAW POV i.e., Full match), when asked by staff one should provide POV at a glance, Failing to which team will get disqualified and in extreme cases, Team will get banned.

– The Player who got suspected have to provide the pov of next match for specific player compulsory else player or team will get disqualified throughout the tournament including the two other player pov

– The team / person who putting allegations on team must have proper proof

– Teams must take a screenshot of every result

– You must be respectful to your teammates, opponents, organisers, viewers watching the live stream and everyone else. Harassments, abuse and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and your team will be disqualified if such offenses are proved (online as well as offline)

– Teaming up is strictly prohibited. If found and proved, all the teams involved will be disqualified from the tournament.

– Third-party apps, mods, and abuse of bugs are strictly prohibited. If such offences are found and proved, your team will be disqualified from the tournament.

– All 3 maps must be downloaded by all the players. If you get kicked during the game start and your team reduces to duo or solo, either your team gets kicked, the organiser will not restart the match.

– Rooms will not be restarted for any reasons (ping issues, game glitches, player/s or team/s not joining on time etc.) unless proof of is found or more tn 32 players are found affected.

– Participants are not allowed to use PC emulators to emulate any tournament games. Offenders and their team will be immediately disqualified

– Participants are required to play all games in order to be eligible for the prize winnings. (offline)

Match changes

The Tournament Administration may, at its sole discretion, change the start time of a match.The Tournament Administration will notify all involved players at the earliest possible convenience.

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