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We are CG BUGS Creators, We are Animator, Film Maker, Content Creators, Developer

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E-sports gaming is a rapidly growing industry with a ton of potential. We believe that online gaming is an opportunity, and we're committed to building the best possible community for gamers everywhere through a series of tournaments and online streaming. Our goal is to take e-sports to a next level by bringing gamers from all over the globe to one platform to build a passionate and engaged community.

Mr. Vishal Kadlag

Founder & CEO


Mr.Agnelo Fernandes

Co - Founder / Production Head

Mr. Prem Kamti

Co - Founder / IT Support Manager

Events Team Crew

We Work With Team

Mr. Shubham Deshmukh

Esport Event Manager

Mr. Yogesh Lande

Junior Esport Event Manager

Mr. Vishal Walunj

TD Lead

Mr. Prashant Dhamak


Mr. Suraj Memane

Content Creation Lead / TD

Ms. Siddhi Kadhane

DM Lead

Ms. Shweta Kute

Theme Lead

Mr. Tushar Bhalekar

Web Dev Lead

Mr.Yogesh Mhaske

Player Management Lead

Ms. Neha Pansare

Graphics Lead

Ms. Nikita Satpute

Content Creation Crew

Ms. Sneha Sonwane

Graphics Crew

Ms. Priyanka Kadlag

Player Management

Ms. Nishigandha Nirmal

Video Crew

Mr. Irfan Sayyad

TD Crew

Mr. Saivardhan Khandare

Video Crew

Mr. Omchaitanya Kolhe

TD Crew

Shahid Maniyar

Mr. Shahid Maniyar

Player Management

Mr. Ankit Thorat

Theme Crew

Nilesh Bankar

Mr. Nilesh Bankar

Pratik Sonwane

Mr. Pratik Sonwane

Mr. Ravi Mhaske

Video Crew

Mr. Bhavesh Shah

Player Management

Mr. Pandav Kumar

Pratik Sonwane

Mr. Pratik Sonwane

Mr. Ravi Mhaske

Our Community Vision

Our Community Purpose For E Sport Team Talents

Fostering a community-driven ethos, our esports team talent selection aligns with a singular purpose – nurturing and empowering gaming enthusiasts. Join us in building a vibrant community that thrives on teamwork, skill development, and the shared passion for competitive gaming.

Big Prize Pool

Win exciting rewards and cash prizes. We believe in recognizing talents and making E-sports tournaments an earning opportunity for gamers

Participating Certificates

Get participating certificates signed by professionals that acknowledge your talent and enthusiasm towards gaming.

Exciting Battles

We continuously strive to make our E-sport tournaments exciting by introducing new battles with every new game in the industry.

Live Streaming

Become a celebrity with the live streaming of your online battles. We have a strong network to promote and stream our gaming tournaments.

Team Saying Story

They Has The Winner On Many Competitions Game Events

CG Bugs E-Sports Management and Streaming: An Opportunity for Online Gamers

We are a team of enthusiast gamers who believe that the actual enjoyment of E-sports is not just to watch the live matches but being a part of them. Being the organizers, we feel the best away to cheer the participating teams is to compete with them. We are team Panda, who are passionate about online gaming. We are here to represent the gaming community and take the tournaments to a new level

We are a bunch of fierce women gamers who are taking the male-dominated online gaming industry by storm. We love nothing more than spending our free time playing online games. We’re from all walks of life and hail from all corners of the globe, but we’ve come together to form our own little community – the Wild Cat. We love nothing more than gaming together, and we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting games to play.

We are a group of talented and dedicated players who compete in various online games. With teamwork, communication, and skill, our team aims to achieve greatness in the highly competitive world of esports. We are composed of passionate and dedicated players who compete in various electronic games at the highest level. With a focus on skill, strategy, and teamwork, we aim to achieve success and make our mark in the competitive world of e-gaming.

We are a group of hardcore online gamers who see online gaming as an upcoming career opportunity. We love playing and watching online gaming tournaments. Gaming is our full-time passion, and we wish to be among the top gamers one day. We are here to connect with other like-minded people through competitive gaming and prove our mettle in the online gaming community. We are team Panther!